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Rainy Day Tea

May 27, 2009

My dearest friend from college, Karen, knows me so well. She gave me the perfect gift this Saturday. I’m all for things that keep me warm. In the winter I buy HeatMax Hand and Toe Warmers by the gross and wear enough layers to look like the Michelin Woman. Karen is the same way. We once ordered hot chocolate on a steamy summer day because the air conditioning made this restaurant so cold. Sure enough, today was the right day to try my new mug: chilly, damp, rainy, gray. A writer can’t type well with cold fingers.

This Handwarmer© mug is made by Clay in Motion, a family-owned business in Oregon. It comes in right and left handed versions. (Clay in Motion makes other nifty items.) Here’s mine, the rightie version.

tea mug

tea mug with hand

After I left the mug of tea to steep in my kitchen, I returned to my desk, but hit an obstacle. Or should I say, the obstacle hit me. My cat Sadie climbed into my lap and went unconscious. I fell victim to this warm ball of fur on my lap. I didn’t want to disturb her. She was doing her version of the Kathy Bates character in the movie “Misery.” Sadie was keeping this writer hostage. I had no choice but to keep writing — and take a photo of her with my laptop camera:

Sleeping Sadie

Sleeping Sadie

After 10 minutes, the tea in the warm mug beckoned. That’s when I pulled the old dirty trick: Turned on my desk lamp. She couldn’t resist. Her little blue eyes squinting, she immediately hopped onto the desk and parked her groggy self under the light beam. Without missing a beat, I retrieved my tea, which by then needed a quick zap in the microwave.

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